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A lot of people who suffer from candida (yeast infections), rely on strong antifungal medication that might kill the candida temporarily, but does little more than delay the recurrence, and then there are the side-effects. The most effective way to cure candida is through the food you eat, however a more advanced cure which guarantees an end to candida it through fasting.

Before you even think of starting fasting, you must understand that this very difficult and at times, called extreme cure, is hard to follow however the results are worth the effort. Make sure you consult your doctor and verify that you can in fact fast without any adverse effects to your health and then do as much research as possible on what kind of fast you might wish to follow.

Most people who are religious are aware of fasting and know the effects of this practice. With candida infections becoming more and more common, people prefer fasting to other cures since they now better understand what propagates the growth of candida. The primary purpose of fasting is to deny the candida the food it needs to sustain and grow. The secondary purpose is to strengthen your immune system and help it fight the infection.

A common fasting technique used by patients is called the “juice fasting”. This fast is based on a very high intake of juices with reduced amounts of everything else from your diet. This fasting method is not very effecting nor is it recommended. In this particular method, one might eliminate normal sugar from his or her diet but the sugar from the fruit juice is still usable by the candida and ultimately this diet will cause one weakness. However from the description, you might have picked up that the idea is to starve out the candida by eliminating sugars that it can use. As a result, a similar diet which uses vegetable juices is given preference over this one.

The most popular and effective form is that of “water Fasting”. Fasting on water with added supplements from vegetables can lead to a number of things. Firstly, it will starve the candida, killing it in a matter of days. Secondly it helps reduce blood sugar levels in body that not only help you lose weight but also to get healthier through detoxing. This process is also called cleansing. However a word of caution to anyone who tries a water diet: once the detoxing and the starvation of the candida begins, you will experience symptoms that range from slightly uncomforting sensations to the more common very unpleasant ones. This is the period in which extreme resolve is your salvation since these symptoms will be temporary, ultimately leading you to a very healthy immune system capable of keeping the candida in check.

The duration varies based on many factors ranging from your target, type of fast, to your capacity itself. Some fasts last between three to five days while others may be five to seven. The basic idea is to rid the yeast of any and all food sources and in the process you will also affect other pathogenic parasites in your body. This is a very effective method and produces long lasting effects.

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